Privoro celebrates National Dog Day.

On Sunday, August 26th, the country will celebrate National Dog Day. Sure, this day was chosen to celebrate man’s best friend – those loving companions some of us just can’t live without.

At Privoro we are using this day to celebrate and feature our own extended fur-family. But here, dogs also help visualize a very important tenet of our brand – protection. It’s why our brand mark features a Doberman.

Now, you might be thinking about those stealthy creatures featured in James Bond movies, protecting the homes of the rich (and often nefarious), but protective dogs go way back. In fact, domesticated working dogs have been around since before recorded human history, with some of the oldest records dating all the way back to 12,000 BC in Turkey.

And dogs continue to provide protection for us. Today, dogs serve integral roles in our armed services – sniffing out bombs, drugs and missing persons, as well as working alongside frontline military. To that end, on August 7 of this year, the Department of Defense announced the first official commendation for military working dogs, the Guardians of America’s Freedom Medal.

So, on this national day of the dog, we celebrate the joy that dogs bring into our lives while recognizing that their fellow canines in combat may very well be standing sentry over the freedom we cherish as everyday citizens.

We say that the guard dog is a symbol and a promise here at Privoro. A promise to protect the most important information in the world – yours. Read more about Privoro’s mobile security solutions and SafeCase for iPhone today.

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