Global SOF Modern Warfare Conference recap.

Privoro recently attended the GSF Modern Warfare conference at Fort Bragg, home of the 82nd Airborne (I highly recommend researching the history of this division if you’re unfamiliar). Although our trip to Fort Bragg was a first, what wasn’t new at all is the problem smartphones are causing government employees across the military, intel agencies and Capitol Hill.

Smartphones are the primary digital device for end users (from offices to battle fields), yet are restricted in many places due to their vulnerabilities and ability to eavesdrop (watch/listen) to users’ conversations. The current solution is to restrict devices, but this approach limits productivity, slows decision making and decreases morale.

We continue to hear the need for Privoro’s mobile security platform. Our latest solution, SafeCase, allows employees to maintain access to their phones everywhere while meeting the strict security requirements for smartphones in secure spaces. Security professionals compliment our “hardware root of trust” platform, the ability to centrally manage devices and an interesting roadmap.

As smartphone vulnerabilities continue to rise, we look forward to the challenge of securing smartphones against the most advanced attacks.

There is a comprehensive recap of the Global SOF Modern Warfare conference here, with a mention of our CEO Mike Fong's SOF Slam about mobile espionage (plus, a really sweet picture of someone – me – lending a helping hand at lunch).

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