Envisioning a mobile-powered government workforce

ATARC’s Future of Secure Work Working Group, of which Privoro’s Heather McMahon is a member, recently published a white paper exploring what the future of secure mobility within the Federal government looks like. The working group envisions a dynamic and efficient workforce that seamlessly leverages mobile devices in a way that satisfies the needs of personnel, security managers and leaders alike.

The paper makes a compelling argument that the only thing holding us back from this vision is the collective will to make the necessary cultural changes to implement it. While it may be easier to continue ignoring the realities of our mobile-driven world, doing so only serves to entrench outdated ways of working while ensuring that we continue to be outpaced by our adversaries.

As the paper notes, “Thoughtful risk management, not risk aversion, has enabled the US to maintain its technological and information advantage” as new defense technologies have appeared over time. By thoughtfully managing the risks of mobile devices using existing technologies from Privoro and other industry partners, we stand to unleash a workforce that’s fully empowered to meet the biggest challenges of this century.

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